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Kids of Cascabel


Pastor Carlos, Erik and Kids

Helping the Kids of Cascabel began in January 2006 when musician-flutemaker Erik Sampson and his wife Linda met pastor Carlos Baez who had rescued 18 children from scavenging at the local garbage dump in Somoto, Nicaragua. Since that meeting in 2006, a small diverse group of people have helped to support Flutemaker Ministries to assist these children who had no home. As of 2012, Flutemaker Ministries has built a two-story ministry center that currently houses 25 children. From this center of blessing many other children and struggling families have been helped with food, medical needs, educational opportunities and the establishment of micro-businesses.

Director Pastor Carlos Baez also reaches out into the mountainous areas by overseeing more than 500 feeding centers, operated through strategic partnership with Samaritans International and Feed My Starving Children. Through these feeding centers, children who suffer from malnutrition or food deprivation eat a nutrient-dense meal at least four times a week, which will improve overall physical and mental health.

For more information about the kids helped by Flutemaker Ministries, as well as updates on accomplishments and ways you can contribute, please visit WWW.FlutemakerMinistries.org

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The Ripple Effect

The vision for Kids in Crisis (USA) began in the heart of Gert Jonker, founder and visionary of Child in Crisis (South Africa) and the Bethany House Trust.  Gert was given a prophetic picture to see a “resource hub” established in the United States from which people and resources could be assembled and mobilized across continents to serve the children of the world, and through this participate in the establishment of the Kingdom of God among the nations and people groups touched.

That vision all but died in the years following its legal inception as The Child in Crisis Foundation (USA) in 2001.

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